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Courses in Ethics

CEI offers a series of courses on general ethics. These are designed to general public and and professionals which come across moral dilemmas in their daily life and would like to learn more about ethics.

The courses introduce and explain in an accessible language the main concepts of moral philosophy, how to develop moral arguments and offer a short history of philosophical ideas and their social impact in modern societies and our present moral codes.

The course is useful to people who work with animals, ecology and in the health industry, avoiding as much as possible to indulge in philosophical jargon.

The courses are taken as distance learning. This means that students can register qt any time and have three months to complete each course. During this period students have access to a virtual campus where they can download the course materials and discuss the assigned questions with the tutor or other colleagues in a closed forum.

Before registering on a course, email us and have a chat with a tutor, so we can access your level, discuss your needs and interests and suggest what courses would suit you best to start with.

If you have not previously been exposed to concepts in moral philosophy, we suggest that you first take some introductory courses before dwelling on moral complex issues. Introductory courses provide you with the necessary background to to endulge in complex discussions of a moral nature.

Each course consists of 5 to 7 lessons. The lessons contain a considerable amount of material which is usually read over the space of one or two weeks. When the student has read the materials assigned for each lesson, the tutors initiates a discussion on the course forum. The forum requires active discussion from the part of the student. When other students are following the same course, it is strongly recommended that they engage in critical discussions with each other. All this activity is supervised and guided by the course tutor which will release the next lesson materials when it was clear that the student has reached the assigned goals of each lesson.


Although the course materials are in English, the forum discussions run in the language of the student, if this facilitates their writing. We have tutors that provide support in Portuguese and Spanish.

Course materials

In our courses we use a mixture of materials written by our own tutors and adopted books for specific courses. These books are not provided by the course and the student should acquire them privately.

of Residence:




code Courses in Ethics

Introduction to Ethics
5 lessons
Tutoring: Dr Rita Wing


Ethical Theories
6 Lessons
Tutoring: Dr Rita Wing


Medical Ethics
5 lessons
Tutoring: Dr Aileen Walsh (PhD)

under construction
E04 Environmental Ethics
5 lessons
Tutoring: Dr Anabela Pinto (PhD)
E05 What are Animal Rights?
Tutoring: Rita WIng
E06 Where does morality come from?
8 lessons
Tutoring: Dr Anabela Pinto (PhD)
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Oxford University Press has published a DVD with a series of educational videos on ethical theories. This DVD is one example of the many materials adopted by our courses. For more information about the contents of this DVD and how to purchase it, please access the OUP site.



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