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An ability to master the English language is a necessity  in our modern world.  The international nature of our courses  requires a common language that can be undestood by all. We therefore provide different levels of English courses to suit the diferent needs of our students.

The fees include  access to the virtual campus and personalised sessions with a native English speaking tutor. Each session lasts for 1 hour. During the meetings the student enganges in conversation with your tutor and needs to have acess speakers and microphone. The sessions run through Skype and/or our own virtual environment.

Test your English level with this Cambridge University Press Quiz

What course?

Our courses are for people who can understand written English but would like to improve their skills in speaking and writing.

If you are familiar with English, you understand most of what you read, but you need to learn how to engage in a discussion with other colleagues, then, the course Delta Academic Objectives is the course for you. Adding to practice of English language, it also introduces critical thinking skills, essential in academic discussions. This course is ideal for post-graduate students who need to learn how to write reports and assignments in English. For detailed information about this course click here.

Touchstone follows the five level books published by Cambridge University Press and focuses on 

  • Conversation practice.
  • Grammar is presented in natural contexts, with inductive tasks that develop language awareness.
  • Vocabulary Notebook pages provide practical tips and activities on different ways to record and remember new vocabulary.
  • Personalized speaking practice is integrated with all language and skills activities.
  • Listening passages are taken from real-life contexts. Reading activities lead to realistic, contemporary writing tasks.
  • A Self-study Audio CD/CD-ROM provides supplemental listening, speaking and vocabulary activities.
  • Self-assessment tools that encourage learner independence and clear learner aims.

Before registering email us to assess which level suits you best.

If you are studying or working in science, then the Cambridge English for Scientists helps you with communication skills and specialist language. For detailed information about this course click here.

After the course students can purchase extra individual lessons or in sets of 5 or 10 lessons.

ENXL Extra Lectures:

Extra lectures can be purchased for the price of £20 per session (1h/session).


01 session -( 1h)-- £20
05 sessions ( 5h)- £100
10 sessions (10h) £200
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CEI Code EN14

Touchstone is a 5 level course with materials specifically developed for online delivery.

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Cambridge English for Scientists

CEI Code EN04

ISBN 978-0-521-15409-3

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Academic Objectives

CEI Code EN13

Reading Skills:
ISBN 978-1-905085-56-9

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Online learning: Lectures in groups
Distance learning: Personalised lectures

Note that the prices do not include the course materials. The course materials are extra since the prices vary between publishers and the student can choose what materials to purchase. Some materials include CDs and DVDs which are optional.



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