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Digital Photography

Now that you have got that very expensive digital camera, what are you going to do with it? A world of possibilities is waiting to be photographed by you. Learn how to take the maximum advantage of your expensive digital camera with Irvine Eidelman.

The photos in the slide show were taken by your tutor. Admire the technique and the detail of each image. After some lessons you will also be able to reach such standrs.

You can either join a class, or attend courses on demand. Classes are strutured and follow a syllabus, but if you select on demand courses you can book a time to meet with your tutor online in a live conversation to clarify some of your questions.

Click here to a full interview with Irvine Eidelman

The Course Model

The courses are personally tailored to satisfy your needs. Each courses consist of 6 lessons. The first lesson is free and lasts for 15 minutes. here you will discuss with the tutor the characteristics of your camera and what are the main issues you would like to discuss. For example, some people may be more interested in what type of lenses would be more adequate to the ranges of photos they are interested t, while other may be more interested in discussing the technicalities of the camera they own. All this will be discussed in teh first lesson.

The tutorials are delivered over skype in a one-to-one basis. After payment we will send you an email asking you about what would be the best time for the tutor to contact you on skype.

In order to follow the tutorials your need:

  1. skype installed on your computer
  2. headphones with a microphone
  3. webcam

When you come to the first tutorial make sure that:

  • You have your digital camera and all the lenses with you
  • The camera battery is charged and running

In the first meeting your tutor will access your level of know-how about your camera and will go through the camera's different parts and functionalities with you.

Registering in the course

Before you pay, send us your registration so we can contact the tutor and make arrangements for him to meet you online. We will then send you an email to let you know when you can purchase the course.

Please use the forms on this page to register.



Image: Irvine Eidelman - Copyright Reserved

Registration: On demand course in Digital Photography

of Residence:

Course fee: £300

You can either pay through Paypal by clicking on the orange button or pay through direct bank transfer. Please send us an email if you prefer the later.

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