Basic Concepts in Animal Welfare:

This course provides an overview of the main concepts deal with in the science of animal welfare. We will address the several definitions of welfare, a short history of the science of animal welfare, the phisiological and behavioural mechanisms of coping and the physiology of stress response. In order to maximaise your udnesrtadning of the subject, it is advisable that the partcipants have a a basic understanding of biology and physiology.

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Animal Behaviour in Animal Welfare:

This course provides an overview of animal behaviour and how it is used to assess the welfare of animals. It starts with an historical overview of the science of psychology, ethology and behavioural ecology. Then it porvides some examples about the evolution and adaptive value of particulars behaviours. Furthemore it address animal cognition, the animal mind, emotions, feelings and sentience.

We will also discuss the meaning and claissfication os abnormal behaviours.


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The Welfare of Farm Animals:

This course addresses the main welfare problems in farmed animals, such as housing, husbandry, handling, transport, and slaughter. It also provides alternatives to the provision of good welfare.