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Animal welfare is presently an issue of extreme social importance. The European Union has been establishing a growing body of legislation that ensures protection of animals under farming conditions, experimentation in zoos and as pets. Animal welfare is therefore an expanding science and the need to specialise in it is growing.

Our courses are suitable for veterinarians, biologists and other professionals who work with animals. They are also opened to people just wanting to learn more about animals as a matter of personal interest.

These courses are also available in a few UK universities as BSc or MSc degrees. However we have identified a need for more flexibility in the provision of this know-how. We are aware that not everybody has the time or opportunity to move to those cities where there are such courses.

In order to respond to this demand CEI has created an Online Certificate in Animal Welfare, which provides the same information as that in the universitiy courses, but which enables more study flexibility. You can complete the several modules at your own pace, when it suits you, and from the comfort of your own home.

The subjects covered are usually found in university courses on animal behaviour and welfare. However, such courses are not open to the general public. CEI aims to bring thisstudy to people who don't have time or the financial means to register for a full university degree. Furthermore our courses provide a good background for those who might consider taking a degree in animal behaviour or welfare, but would like some prior information on the subject before committing to a full university degree.


Before you pay for a course you may be interested in registering to ensure a place. Some courses run only if we reach a critical number of people. Once we have your registration, we will keep you informed of the start dates. If your course does not reach that critical number of participants we will write to ask if you to ask if you would be interested in doing the course on an individual basis as distance learning. Only after we agree the terms of your participation, will we charge for registration.


Price per course

CAW01: Basic Concepts in Animal Welfare
Starting dates:
1 Sep 2015

CAW02: Animal Behaviour and Welfare
Starting dates: 1 Sep 2015
CAW03: Farm Animal Welfare
Starting dates:
1 Sep 2015
CAW04: The Welfare of Animals in Research

CAW05: The Welfare of Wild Animals
CAW06:The Welfare of Working & Companion Animals Starting dates: 1 Sep 2015
CAW07: Animal Welfare Law
CAW08: Animal Ethics
Starting dates: running as distance learning


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English Version Portuguese Version

The Online Certificate in Animal Welfare consists of 3 compulsory courses and at least one option from a number of optional courses. Each course is taken individually. The course materials are in English, but in the Portuguese version we provide extra materials to help in the understanding of some English concepts that are difficult to translate. Each course consists of 5 lessons. Each lesson consists of downloadable materials, pdfs, Powerpoint slides and a forum. You have one or two weeks to read the materials for each lesson. The reading week is followed by a forum week when you will discuss some questions with the other participants and the tutor. To read detailed information about the Certificate, click on the brochure.


CEI established agreements with several organisations in order to provide our students with opportunities to learn through practical experience.

Our partner organisations are:

Equilibre Gaia Spain

Horse behaviour and welfare

RSPCA-Freedom Food UK

Farm animal welfare


Companion animals in shelters
The Monkey Sanctuary UK Zoo and wild animals


















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