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If you love animals, these courses are for you

Ethology is the study of animal behaviour. The growing interest in animals, their welfare and the way humans relate to them has created a demand for courses accessible to the general public. Our aim is to bring the latest scientific discoveries in animal behaviour to the general public with a special interest in animals.

We offer different levels of complexity; an introductory level for those without any previous knowledge of animal behaviour, and a series of advanced level courses for people who would like to specialize or simply acquire more know-how on a particular subject.

Each course consists of 5 lessons and 5 fora where the students have the opportunity to interact with each other and the tutor. Furthermore we provide live lectures online, where the participants can interact directly with the tutor and with each other in the end of each lesson. To follow these lectures you need to have sound and a microphone attached to your computer. The lectures run on a normal browser.

The subjects discussed in these courses can found in animal behaviour curricula syllabus of Universities, bust since they are not open to the general public CEI aims to bring this know-how to people who have no access to a full university degree. Furthermore our courses provide a good background for those who are considering to take a degree in animal behaviour but would like to have some previous information on the subject before commiting for a full university degree.


The Online Certificate in Animal Behaviour consists of 5 compulsory courses. Each course is taken individually and ends with a short assessment. The course materials are in English. Each course consists of 5 lessons. Each lesson consist of downloadable materials and a forum. Students have a week to read the materials for each lesson. The reading week is followed by a forum running for 2 weeks, where students discuss questions with colleagues and tutor.

For detailed information about the certificate click on the image to download the pdf brochure.

Course fee: Each course in the certificate costs £300

Introduction to Animal Behaviour

Cognitive Ethology

The Animal Mind

From Genes to Behaviour

Social Behaviour

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See also the distance learning courses delivered by our section Ethology Institute.

Animal Behaviour in Animal Welfare:

This course provides an overview of animal behaviour and how it is used to assess the welfare of animals. It starts with an historical overview of the science of psychology, ethology and behavioural ecology. Then it porvides some examples about the evolution and adaptive value of particulars behaviours. Furthemore it address animal cognition, the animal mind, emotions, feelings and sentience.

We will also discuss the meaning and claissfication os abnormal behaviours.


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The Welfare of Farm Animals:

This course addresses the main welfare problems in farmed animals, such as housing, husbandry, handling, transport, and slaughter. It also provides alternatives to the provision of good welfare.