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Welcome to CEI

CEI offers continuing professional development to professionals working in the areas of life sciences, conservation and animal related professions.

Our courses build on the expertise of our collaborators, which are mainly academics teaching at several UK and oversea Universities and specialists with a successful track record in their fields of expertise.

CEI provides courses, workshops and distance learning, both online or face-to-face. Many of our online courses are also adpated to delivery on demand at Universities and other institutions tailored to their needs.

CEI runs its own social network where students, tutors, collaborators and friends keep in touch. Camsonet is also open to those with an interest in the subjects discussed under our courses. In this network, the users can write blogs and run discussion groups.To access Camsonet click on the logo.

Online Certificate in Animal Welfare

This much sought after certificate consists of three compulsory courses and at least one option. It is designed to provide online training to professionals working with animals such as veterinarians, biologists, workers and managers of NGO's devoted to animal protection, and other people with a general interest in the welfare of animals in general.

To learn more about the certificate click on the image on the left and download the pdf information booklet.


Online Certificate in Animal Ethics

Animal Ethics introduces you to the main moral theories that support the ethical treatment of animals. This certificate is designed to provide information about the main philosophical currents addressing the animal issue focusing on the different attitudes and theories of the moral value of animals and why we should care about them. The certificate consists of 5 individual courses with 5 lessons each. For more information click on the image to download the brochure.


Online Certificate in Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking provides tools for a critical analyses and production of consistent and robust arguments. This certificate  consists of 3 compulsory courses with 5 lessons each and intense forum discussions led by specialised tutors. This course is open to everyone wanting to learn how to argue in favour or against information that is thrown at us as facts. We strongly advise you to take this certificate before the Animal Ethics since it provides the reasoning tools necessary to ethical decision making and moral discourse. For more information click on the image to download the brochure.